react-native-maps android crash, after updating to SDK 42

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 42
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android
  3. react-native-maps


First off, I realize this might be more related to react-native-maps than Expo, but my problem started to occur only after upgrading to expo sdk 42.

After upgrading to SDK 42, and react-native-maps 0.28.0, I started to get this crashing error on Android, which has worked just fine since ~SDK28:

"Error white updating property ‘bounds’ of a view managed by: AIRMapOverlay


southern latitude exceeds northern latitude (0.01 > 0.0)"

What I am actually doing here, is centering an map overlay image. This works fine on iOS without any issues, and have been working on Android previously without issues. Now, I’m not sure if the way I’m doing it is wrong based on the exception message, since like I said, the code has been working without any issues for the last couple of years, unchanged. I downgraded react-native-maps to previous expo supported version (0.27.1), but still got this error. So it seems like the SKD change itself has something to do it, rather than the version of react-native-maps. But as I understood, SDK 42 uses the same react-native version as SDK41. So I’m confused what is the underlying change that is causing this exception.

Any tips would be appreciated, thanks.

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