React-native-map doens't work in standalone apk

I am making an application using react-native-maps, but it presents an error where MapView does not present Marker and none of the functions that I created.

I got the google API key
When I tested it was working normally

Hey @peldror123, please provide the relevant information when creating a post here! For instance, knowing what platform, sdk version, package versions, testing environment (Expo Go, Standalone, etc) are all necessary and important pieces of info.


Hello @admjnav the problem is present in the apk (Standalone), as I said before the Markers and the functions I created do not appear on the map, when I test at the expo (version 1.0.0) using my mobile device (moto g4) it works normally , but when I use the build command, the same as I said does not render the information on the map. I’ve already followed the steps of the expo website to use react-native-maps, but the problem remains! The problem !

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