react-native-keyboard-aware-scroll-view issue with android settings


My app has a few screens with a bunch of input fields. I’m trying to come up with an elegant solution to keyboard layout issues. I implemented the

"android": {
      "softwareKeyboardLayoutMode": "pan"

setting in app.json which stopped the input fields from overlapping on android when the keyboard is visible. But the selected input field just barely makes it over the keyboard. In searching for solutions I came across the react-native-keyboard-aware-scroll-view npm package. This works great for iOS. I’m trying to use it with android but it isn’t behaving as expected. For android support the package notes you must

-Set windowSoftInputMode to adjustPan in AndriodManifest.xml
-Set enableOnAndroid property to true

As mentioned above I am using the app.json to set the adjustPan (aka pan) but when I set enableOnAndroid to true the screen acts as though it is back in resize mode.

My two questions are: 1. Could setting adjustPan (aka pan) in app.json, instead of setting it in AndroidManifest.xml, be causing the unexpected behavior?
2. Does anyone know of a similar solution that would be easier to implement?

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