react-native-fbsdk broken after publish project

in order to use react-native-fbsdk to publish on Facebook (I’ve ejected from Expo
with ExpoKit option), everything works well in the iPhone simulator and in the real device (performed by XCode), but it is broken after publishing with “expo publish” to open it with App Expo on the device.
I can not see the error … simply the method ShareDialog does nothing and interrupts three scripts (no code is executed below), how can I debug it?
On the simulator I can see the log (with browser or console) but after publishing the app to expo server can I debug it?
Thank you

After added try-catch i see the error “TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating s.canShow)”, it can be an issue on POD configuration?
I seen a lot of post that say to download react-native-fbsdk and copy RCTFBSDK.xcodeproj into “Libraries” folder but into xCode project a dont see this folder… i see only Products, Pots and Framewordk and one folder with project name

Help me please…

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