React Native Expo Sqlite: Select data from table and export the result to other page...

Is there any way to store the result in a variable and export it to another page? I can get the data from the SQLite DB, but the page exports the null variable before the selection has been done. I think it works in an async fashion.

I can’t do that, please help :cry:

here is the code that I had tried…

import React, { useState } from "react";
import Constants from "expo-constants";
import * as SQLite from "expo-sqlite";

const db = SQLite.openDatabase("billingsystem.db");
let all_results = null;

db.transaction((tx) => {
    "SELECT id, full_name FROM customer_info WHERE status='active'",
    (_, { rows }) =>
    enter code here
      (all_results = rows._array)

}, null);

export default all_results;