React native expo - read barcode ean5

i have a problem: i must read barcode newspaper EAN13 + EAN5. expo read EAN13 only and not read EAN5 with xpo-barcode-scanner BarCodeScanner - Expo Documentation

It looks like Expo’s barcode scanner does not support barcodes with an EAN-5 addon. I believe you’ll need to eject and use a different library. e.g. a Google search turned up this one:

which says:

FIVE_DIGIT_ADD_ON Five-digit add-on for UPC and EAN codes.

In order to scan five-digit add-on codes, at least one of these symbologies must be activated as well: SYMBOLOGY_EAN13, SYMBOLOGY_UPCA, SYMBOLOGY_UPCE, or SYMBOLOGY_EAN8 and the maximum number of codes per frame has to be set to at least 2.

Only available in the Professional and Enterprise Packages.

I have not used this library. (I had not heard of it before I found it with my Google search.)

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