React native element buttons not working after upgrade to expo sdk 26.0.0

Has anyone been facing this issue with react native element button title not appearing compltely after upgrading to expo sdk 26.0.0. I thought this might be an issue with react native elements but while I was using expo 25.0.0 it was working fine. I tried downgrading react native elements but it didn’t help and the issue continued to persist. Does anyone have a workaround besides downgrading back to 25.0.0 :confused:

Here is the link to the snack :

Here is a snippet of what the code looks like :

        textStyle={{ fontWeight: "700" }}
        onPress={() => this.Play()}
          backgroundColor: "#41D3B7",
          width: SCREEN_WIDTH * 0.8,
          height: 45,
          borderColor: "transparent",
          borderWidth: 0,
          borderRadius: 5,


The Issue can be easily fixed by updating to react native element 1.0.0 beta 4

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