React Native app and Google Maps production apk problem

Hi all,

I set up my billing account on Google Cloud Platform and i generated a key. I restricted it and i take the package name and i put it. I also paid 25$ and enable the developer account from where I copy paste the SHA-1 certificate fingerprint which I also need to restrict the api key. I put the api key to the app.json under android, config , googleMaps, apiKey and on development mode is working. On production apk build isthe map is not visible is like an empty brown colored box. PLEASEEE HELP MEEEE

Hi @tenisole

When you say “on development mode is working”, do you mean in Expo Go? Or did you create a development build?

It’s not clear to me what certificate fingerprint you’re using. I believe this should be the one found in the Credentials section of your project.

If you’re having issues integrating React Native with Google Maps in your production apk, don’t worry - you’re not alone! This is a common issue faced by many developers. The most important thing to remember is that the react-native-maps package requires linking with the Google Maps SDK for iOS and Android.

To get around this, make sure to use an API key that has both iOS and Android platform restrictions enabled (you can find out more about this on Google’s documentation page).

If it still isn’t working, double check that you have correctly included the react-native-maps library as well as all other third party dependencies in your dependency list. Finally, if it doesn’t seem to be working right away try making sure the project uses version 0.29 of React Native or higher. Good luck!

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