React Native app and Google Maps production apk problem

Hi all,

I set up my billing account on Google Cloud Platform and i generated a key. I restricted it and i take the package name and i put it. I also paid 25$ and enable the developer account from where I copy paste the SHA-1 certificate fingerprint which I also need to restrict the api key. I put the api key to the app.json under android, config , googleMaps, apiKey and on development mode is working. On production apk build isthe map is not visible is like an empty brown colored box. PLEASEEE HELP MEEEE

Hi @tenisole

When you say “on development mode is working”, do you mean in Expo Go? Or did you create a development build?

It’s not clear to me what certificate fingerprint you’re using. I believe this should be the one found in the Credentials section of your project.