Re-sign an Expo IPA with an ad hoc certificate?

Is possible to make an Expo IPA with ad hoc certificate? It’s for testing my app with appium on Amazon Device Farm

I found from source the app installed to simulator from exp/xdl but not sure that works on ADF… which are real devices…

we don’t support this yet, you might be able to resign with something like

or you can try can to-resign with the codesign tool from apple, if you have a mac

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I’m the author of the original question.
Just a precision, for resigning you should give your own distribution certificate to expo be able to resign.

Could you provide a as-thorough-as-possible explanation on how you were able to do that? I’ve been trying unsuccesfully for one week to generate an ad-hoc licensed .ipa. I’m not even sure I have a certificate file in the right format (I’m using a .cer)

Thanks in advance!

For more informations see question: ‘Do you modify my app?’

here: AWS Device Farm FAQs | Mobile & Web App Testing | Amazon Web Services

I just created a ticket on Amazon Device Farm: Forums