RAD with React Native and Expo

Hello Everybody

Cross-platform native development with React Native is better than hybrid-application develoment with Ionic, cordova, …etc.

However, Ionic Creator is a tool for Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Are there any features or plans to support RAD in Expo IDE. For example WYSIWYG visual builder to drag-n-drop RN components.

What are the other workarounds or best practices for RAD with RN+Expo

I would appreciate your help


The closest thing to that is shoutem, who’s UI framework I can highly recommend, and who’s online service has the closest thing to a RAD for react native.

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Thanks a lot for your response.

What about https://builderx.io/

I would appreciate your help. Any other contributions are welcomed.


Looks fancy! Definitely worth a try. It’s by the creator’s of NativeBase, which is worth checking out as well. In my opinion, Shoutem is a superior framework, but I think NativeBase is used quite a bit more.

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