Questions about deployment for IOS from windows?

Do you have to keep paying per month for EAS even after deploying for IOS ? Plus it seems like if you have to pay both for EAS and for the actual Apple membership if you are not deploying with Mac

you do not have to keep paying for eas if you stop using it, no :slight_smile: your app will continue to be live and nothing will happen to it.

Anybody who wants their app on the App Store has to pay for an Apple developer account.
Owning a Mac does not change that.

And you have to keep paying yearly as long as your app is online?

I am pretty sure that you would have to keep paying Apple as long as your app is on the App Store. I had a look on their site, but couldn’t find an explicit answer. Perhaps you will have better luck. Otherwise, contact Apple or ask on their developer forums.

Something else that might be relevant: