[Question] Updates from expo

Hello everyone,

I have a question about the updating process via Expo. What happens when I upgrade my expo version for example: 25 to 29, and I have already built the iOS and android versions of my app. Do I need to re-build them or does expo uses magic tricks to update it?

You lose the channel of update, you’ve to keep the same SDK on production

And what about the case when it is necessary to update the SDK version in order to get some needed corrections for my app?

If You have the same SDK on productin, You could do just exp publish

Development and Production has the v27 I want to update to 29 in order to use the Splash component introduced in that version. The app hasn’t been published in the app store yet but it is published in Expo.

So You could update without any problem follow this instruction:

But be ware that:

  1. React Navigation upgraded to v 2+, it’s mean You could use navigate and push (if You’ve got cache problem)

  2. You’ve to upgrate to FCM if You using Android, the instruction here:

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