Question: OTA updates to custom hosting

I’m having struggles to understand the flow/meaning of certain expo commands when it comes to OTA.

So, let me detail my current release process:

  1. I’m hosting my app in my own hosting service (firebase).
# export the app
expo export --public-url

# and deploy it to firebase
firebase deploy
  1. I build the standalone app IPA locally (first time I did using turtles servers, but now I do locally)
# get the certificates made by expo during the first try
expo fetch:ios:certs

# build it locally
EXPO_IOS_DIST_P12_PASSWORD=23456 turtle build:ios --public-url --team-id abcdef --dist-p12-path awesome-app_dist.p12 --provisioning-profile-path awesome-app.mobileprovision
  1. Upload the IPA to iOS (testFlight)
# the path for archive.ipa was generated in the previous step.
expo upload:ios --path path/to/archive.ipa

So, in this whole process, my question is: In what moment does the OTA happen?

I never used expo publish as mentioned in the docs, so what am I missing? What’s the difference between build and publish? Can I have OTA updates without using Expo servers?

Thank you.

What’s the difference between build and publish ?

expo build is creating apk/ipa expo publish uploads js to expo servers. By default build is running publish internally unless you use no-publish or public-url flags

So, in this whole process, my question is: In what moment does the OTA happen?

the application will check for updates here, if manifest will change new bundle will be fetched from that server

if you would use publish command instead of public-url flag behaviour would be the same, but app would check expo server for updates.

Thanks for the answer @wkozyra

So, in other words… doing expo export --public-url <URL> + deploy to firebase is enough for an OTA update. The app (on iOS testFlight) will detect the new version, is that correct?

As far as I understand, OTA updates are enabled by default, but it doesn’t seem to be working…
I already did a new export + deploy to firebase and the assets got updated at ios-index.json. The change was simple, just a new line of text. However, the app at testFlight doesn’t show the new text yet. I already refreshed the app and even uninstall/install it again.

Do I need some custom config to enable OTA?

Okay, I finally found out why OTA where not working in my hosting/servers. It was missing a HTTP header (content-type: application/javascript)

Here’s the issue and PR (update docs) explaining it.

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