Question on the app size


I have a simple question regarding the app size. In the Play Store, the displayed size of my app is 67 MB but right after downloading it, if I go into my phone’s settings, i see that the app size is 113 MB. That’s before even opening it for the first time, so no data is actually stored yet.
Moreover, I have users reporting that the size grows up to 400 MB after some time.

  1. What makes the app size different from the store to the first download ?
  2. Is it possible that OTA’s make the size grow over time ? If not, what could it be ? After going through the whole app, the maximum i’m able to reach is 140 MB (meaning 27 MB more than after the download).

My project uses the bare workflow with ExpoKit.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @clem_acc,

What SDK version are you running? Regardless, I would strongly suggest migrating from ExpoKit and getting onto the Bare workflow with SDK38 as we have made many improvements and ExpoKit is on it’s way out in the near future.


Hi @adamjnav !

I’m using SDK 38. Getting out of ExpoKit is definitely on my roadmap (probably on SDK 39 release, no time right now) but I feel like the app size growing topic is not really related to that. Happy if you can prove me wrong though!


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