Question about the use of Expo Module API to implement an alarm


I am creating a new library for using alarm in expo using the native module AlarmManager of android. However, I’m having problems implementing it. I’m using the new Expo Module API to create this library.

The name of the library is expo-alarm-module and you can check the code accessing the github in the link above (I can’t link more than two URLs). When importing it in a project, evoking a function does not work, because it says the module is undefined. I put a debugger inside the build of the module to see what is happening and discovered it is not appearing inside NativeModulesProxy in the ‘expo-modules-core’:

I appreciate any help. I tried to mimick the expo-clipboard library of expo (that appears inside NativeModulesProxy and uses Expo Module API), but could not find exactly why it is not working with my library. I’m using yarn build to build the module.