QR Code scanner not working in Android


The sketch tool is a cool idea, good job.

I want to test sketech, but the QR code scanner is not working. I am using a ZTE Axon 7 with Android 6.

Any ideas how to get this working?



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So are you opening the QR code scanner in the Expo app? Maybe there’s an issue with your screen and you need to turn up the brightness?

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Yes, thanks. I had to increase the contrast on my monitor. But the contrast is so high thats hard to read anything on the monitor. Maybe the bar code scanner is not good enough. I have no problem with e.g. the whatsapp barcode scanner.

You’ve tried the whatsapp barcode scanner on Sketch? We use the built in bar code scanner on both platforms so would be surprised if it’s different.

Same thing happened on my device.
It’d be cool if the url could be typed instead of relying on the QR Code working.

@csmu-cenr you can type a url in the search bar

Thanks jesse. I was confused until I worked out the plus sign on the right of the app opened up a dialog where the url could be typed in.

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Hey all,

Didn’t use whatsapp and my app doesn’t have a plus sign to type the url in.

I started a new project using npm, downloaded the app in google play, setup my accounts, and gotten a qr code to show in cmd. Not working!

I did however just connect the phone via cable and I am able to create an app.

Would be a nice feature if I could get it to work. Can’t wait!