Python SDK for Django Backend

Please provide the following:

  1. All versions of SDK
  2. Android/iOs versions
  3. ‘Notification’ tag selected

I have a Django backend and an App that runs Expo on both Android and iOs devices. The data comes from Django via the Rest Framework API and things work smoothly there. I currently use a timed Expo notification using the built-in tools setting the trigger at 20:00 hours each day:

The notification simply reminds the user to log their progress that day as to whether or not the habit we have assigned is met.

await Notifications.scheduleNotificationAsync({
      content: {
        title: "Work That Habit! 💪",
        body: 'Log your progress',
      trigger: { 
        minute: 0,
        repeats: true,

I would like to implement the notifications to fire using information on my server such as whether or not they have logged that day and not simply firing at a specified time.

I understand that I have to use the python sdk, but I have no clue how to implement this in my Django framework.

I would appreciate any information such as where to implement this code:


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