Push notifications via FCM on standalone android build not triggering listener

  1. SDK Version: 39.0.3
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android

Hello! I was reading documentation regarding sending push notifications over FCM because of unsuccessful tryings to achieve expo push notifications working, i tried to make push notifications trough getDevicePushTokenAsync() and everything goes quite well, until i needed to put an event listener. So, i put addNotificationResponseReceivedListener() and it works well on iOS but not on Android. Yeah, documentation says to put experienceId into data object in FCM request and i did, but still no result. Also, there is no such field in any payload listed in firebase documentation and anyways, still no successful result on push notifications in any way that i tried.

Getting really frustrated on idea of working push notifications, i hope i lost something in documentation.
Thanks in advance for any help!

Do you have useNextNotificationsApi set to true in app.json?

@bitzlato Are you able to debug Android logs using adb logcat? If so, see if you are dealing with the same thing we’re seeing here: expo-notifications - No experience found for id

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exactly the same issue according ti adb logcat. We tried to setup new app with managed workflow and everything works great

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