Push notifications to Android devices failing: The recipient device is not registered with FCM

In my organization’s app, we’ve been using Expo push notifications for quite some time. We have followed the guidelines at https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/guides/using-fcm/ and set FCM up for the Android version. It has been working as expected for a few months.
But since yesterday, notifications to Android devices are failing with the message “The recipient device is not registered with FCM”, and we have no clue how to troubleshoot this, since Expo seems to be handling the connection to FCM from their end.
Can someone please let us know what we possibly need to change to fix this?


Could you please write into secure@expo.io with information about the failing push tokens?

I’m facing the same issue.

{“data”:{“id”:“e3bd4ac4-026d-42fc-be93-709f690f722a”,“status”:“error”,“message”:“The recipient device is not registered with FCM.”,“details”:{“error”:“DeviceNotRegistered”,“fault”:“developer”}}}

I’ve just had this error but only after uninstalling and re-installing my app in an attempt to get my app icon used in the notification rather than the Expo one.

I’ll email my push token.

Thanks for the reponse. We have currently removed the failing tokens from our database so that the relevant users will get tokens generated again on next login. Will email failing tokens if repeated failures occur for the same users.

What looks to be happening is that FCM is sending back a “NotRegistered” error, reporting that the underlying device token is registered with GCM or not registered at all. This is all on the Google/Firebase side. In this case, it’s likely the device is registered with GCM, which Google is shutting off in less than a month.

Generally, GCM tokens should work with FCM but this might be an instance where they don’t. The fix is to enable FCM for your app and upload it to Google Play: https://blog.expo.io/android-gcm-notifications-are-going-away-7fc2ef5fa3e9.

I have followed all the steps mentioned in the Documentation. But still it’s i’m unable to receive notifications… Could you please help on this

How does this affect using the app directly on the Expo App rather than uploading to Google Play?

Generally, it shouldn’t. The Expo development app was migrated to FCM several months ago.

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OK thanks for this. I’ve gone through the steps to switch to FCM but still get the error for the uninstalled/reinstalled app. I’m happy to have to stop notifying a device that has uninstalled the app but having re-installed is there a way to register a new push token? I realise this is an unusual scenario unless testing!


Turns out the step I was missing was to resubmit to Google Play and install it as switching to FCM involves a change to the native config of the APK.

All sorted now - many thanks for the speedy response.


I’m going to assume some of our users installing this via Google Play are still on the old APK and this is the cause for this problem.

I have the same issue. Brand new app uploaded to google play store as FCM. Why do I see these errors? Also, how do I get the expo token for each error message?

{ fault: 'developer',
  error: 'DeviceNotRegistered',
  sentAt: 1553637311 }
{ 'fd0fb773-db00-4aef-8b05-ac1a73b3948e':
   { status: 'error',
     message: 'The recipient device is not registered with FCM.',
      { fault: 'developer',
        error: 'DeviceNotRegistered',
        sentAt: 1553634319 },
     __debug: {} } }

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