Push notifications stopped working

I have been successfully sending and receiving push notifications using an actual device for development. Then suddenly they stopped being received by the device. The push notifications are still sending and the receipts come back with status ok. What reasons might cause the service to stop working? How can I check? there is no service outage on the status page https://status.expo.io/
I have tried with the sending tool and also locally using postman. Both were working before, now they don’t. I haven’t made any changes to my code. I have also tried directly using curl and I get the same result. Message sends but not received.

It seems necessary to find the starting point of the problem through debugging.

Erm, any helpful information please?


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I have managed to solve my issue. I had assumed that that the push token would remain the same after reinstalling my app. I needed to reinstall the expo app, so that I got a fresh install of my app through expo to test the allow notification setting. The token that was set hadn’t seemed to change before, but I realised that it had changed the last time I tested this. The result being that I was trying to send the push notification to an outdated push token. The push receipt told me it had been sent, but I had no way of debugging why it wasn’t received. I wanted to share this with anyone experiencing the same issue - make sure you don’t rely on the token being the same! recreate it after reinstalling the app, during development.

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