Push notifications on offline built apk

Hi, I have built an APK using turtle cli, my SDK version is 33, I have followed the guide to send push notifications through expo backend( I have created a Firebase project, got the server key from Firebase, uploaded it to expo servers, and finally I added to app.json file the key googleServicesFile). but when I use the push notification tool to send a message the response is “DeviceNotRegistered: The recipient device is not registered with FCM”.

  1. What I’m missing?
  2. Is possible to send push notifications to standalone apps created with turtle cli?

thank you in advance

Hey @shrenky,

Just to clarify, did you add the google services file to your app.json before or after you built the binary?

Hi! @adamjnav,

I do it before build the binary, I´m wondering if this has something to do with the fact that I don´t use the expo servers to build the binary, so they don´t know which FCM server key use. what do you think?

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