Push notifications not working when app is closed

Hello. I am trying to make push notifications work when the app is closed. It works perfectly when the app is open and also when the app is in the background but not when the app is closed. Is there a way to make this work? Any workaround of some sort to get this to work?

Hey @charlesoma,

What do you mean by not working? You aren’t receiving the push notification when the app is terminated/closed?



Hi @adamjnav, thanks for your response. Yes I’m not receiving push notifications when the app is terminated. I send push notifications but nothing happens when the app is closed.

Understood. How are you sending the payloads? Can you try sending it with our notif testing tool to see if that works for you?

I understand Expo doesn’t support background tasks. Are push notifications able to work at all when the app is terminated?

Oh and I’m getting the same behaviour when I use the expo notif testing tool. It works and the app receives the notification when it’s open, but nothing happens when the app is terminated


I don’t understand.

Please is this function available in expo yet? If yes what do I need to do to make it work please?

Hey @charlesoma,

Receiving push notifications while the app is terminated or backgrounded is certainly available and it should work out of the box. When you are experiencing this issue, are you testing your app in the Expo Client or as a standalone app? Also, is this occurring on iOS, Android or both platforms? Additionally, what SDK version is your project running?

I am experiencing this issue in my standalone app for android. I’m building for android so I do not need to test for iOS. SDK is 27.1.1

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