Push notifications not working on Android

Hello everyone,

SDK 30.0.0

Back End:
NodeJS with expo-server-sdk-node

We just implemented the push notification on our company’s app. On iOS, it works: all iOS devices receive and display notifications but on android, some devices never receive notifications. We check status of receipts and everything seem to be ok (All receipt status = ok).

Thx for your work :slight_smile:


Hi @hichamelbsi - could you try setting a longer ttl on your notifications for Android and see if that fixes things? You can go as high as 2419200 (28 days) and this max value is actually the default for FCM. (Currently our server sends 0 as a default, but we’re working on changing this very soon!)

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Hi @esamelson, thx for your reply. Our servers are down on weekends. I’ll try your solution on monday morning :slight_smile: Thx a lot.

Hi @esamelson,

I tried your solution by setting the ttl value to 10 and what I saw is pretty interesting. All Android 7.X receive and display notifications but some Android 8.X does not receive notifications. I set the channelId for Android 8.X and create the channel on the client side. I tried to send notifications with the Expo Push notifications tool but I get the same result.


Hi @hichamelbsi – that’s interesting indeed :thinking: Could you try setting a much larger value (such as 2419200) and see if you get the same result? Note that you may need to wait a bit for the notification to show up on the device.

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