Push notifications missing icon on Android

Push notifications for my standalone app on Android (Oreo) come in without the app icon (only the notif tray icon is showing up) - is there any way to fix this? Not sure if this is the expected behavior since push notifications received by the Expo shell app do include the app icon.

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It seems like you didn’t specify any icons for this on the Android Studio Image Asset tool:

Just follow the steps here - https://developer.android.com/studio/write/image-asset-studio.html

Thanks, Nir - since my apk is created by Expo (i.e. it’s not detached), I assumed it would be pulling in icons set in app.json for this. Is that not the case?

Yeah I think you’re right, for some reason I thought your app is detached.

@lev when did you last run your standalone build? Was the app icon specified in your app.json when you submitted the build?

Thanks, @dikaiosune - just re-built this week. The icon was set in app.json when running exp build:android. Let me know if there is any debug info I can help with to track this down!

Hi @dikaiosune - wanted to follow up since I’m still having the same issue with the push icon. I’ve tried re-building the apk and resubmitting to the Play Store again, with no luck. Any ideas on what I should try to get the app icon to show up in push notifs?

I have the same issue. In Android the notification tray shows the expo icon even though I have had specified the icon as a general attribute and as a specific icon inside android key (both in app.json). On iOS the icon is working as expected.

I am using expo 27.

I have fixed this by using this answer https://forums.expo.dev/t/android-notification-status-bar-icon-too-small/7175


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