Push notifications lifetime

Hi, I started using Firebase in my expo android build and push notifications are working fine.

But I noticed notifications are lost when my smartphone has no active internet connections for some hours.

Is there any rule about this?

Hi @jirico - could you provide some more information? When you say notifications are lost, do you mean push notifications that you’ve already received disappear? Does this only happen with notifications from Expo apps, and not other push notifications?

Hi @esamelson, I mean the notifications do not arrive at my smartphone.

I went to sleep and turned off wifi. My server sent some notifications to expo but the notifications didn’t arrive in the morning when I turned my wifi on again.

Hi @jirico - I think this may be an OS-level issue, rather than Expo specific. Do other (non-expo) notifications arrive in this case?

Yes, WhatsApp and Gmail notifications arrived. I will try again tonight.

It happened again. I personally triggered a notification just before I went to sleep and when I turn on wifi the notification didn’t arrive.

But maybe it’s some problem in my device, since the notifications that arrived were just from 2 hours before I turned on.

When I go to production I will have a better idea of the problem origin :slight_smile:

@jirico - we’ve been having some problems with the GCM push notification service (default for Android Expo) being flaky, so you might try switching to FCM to see if that makes the problem go away. Note that FCM is standalone only, for now. See here for more information

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