Push notifications in standalone app: Unable to get the expo push token

I have an expo app for which I generate .ipa using exp build:ios. Notifications.getExpoPushTokenAsync() not working for standalone app.

SDK: 28.0.0.

@mahesh8488 Have you seen this issue that was resolved? Expo 29.0 on iOS is no longer resolving Permissions.askAsync promise for NOTIFICATIONS - #4 by victorwads

It might have the solution if you haven’t created a new build since around yesterday.

My issue is on 28.0.0. Anyways I will try to generate logs and also see if 29.0.0 works

I am getting “undetermined” for Permissions.getAsync(Permissions.NOTIFICATIONS); which may be the issue.

I have certificate configured correctly while building the .ipa using exp build:ios -e.
I have allowed app to receive notifications when popup appears.

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