Push notifications in a detached app

I’m in a detached expo app trying to set up push notifications with react-native-push-notifications here https://github.com/zo0r/react-native-push-notification/blob/a359e5c00954aa324136eaa9808333d6ca246171/README.md. I’ve gone through and manually linked this library for IOS and it works fine when building on Xcode. However, when I try to run it through the expo client - I run into this error Native module cannot be null - as documented here https://github.com/zo0r/react-native-push-notification/issues/603. I’ve tried every solution suggested - but to no avail. I’m confused as to why the expo app would run into this error - but buidling through xcode seems to work fine? Any guidance would be appreciated.

Hey @snly2386,

Once you make native code configurations to your project, you can no longer run it in the Expo Client if you’re making calls to the library that you made the native code changes for since the Expo Client doesn’t have said native code as part of it’s binary. You’ll have to continue developing via Xcode and Android Studio.



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