Push notifications error: InvalidCredentials

Expo version: 38,
Platform: Android (didn’t test ios yet but probably as well, doesn’t matter at the moment)

I can’t send notifications from my backend or expo push notifications tool anymore after changing package name from camelcase to lowercase because android failed to build thread(where i asked for help) or because I switched to bare workflow, not sure.

  '7ce3bf97-b36e-45e7-a147-61294db1b954': {
    status: 'error',
    message: "Unable to retrieve the FCM server key for the recipient's app. Make sure you have provided a server key as directed by the Expo FCM documentation.",
    details: {
      fault: 'developer',
      error: 'InvalidCredentials',
      sentAt: 1597752790
    __debug: {}

After changing package name I had to change google-credentials.json. I even tried setting up a new project on firebase and redoing steps again as described in docs

expo push:android:show

Shows same api key as new server key in firebase project. I tried everything (clearing uploaded credentials, uploading via credentials:manager…) I could think of and i get the same error.

I’m not sure what other information could be useful but feel free to ask.

Thank you