PUSH notifications don't work in FCM after migrating to SDK 28

After migrating to SDK 28 Android Push Notifications don’t work

I’ve already created the FCM database in Firebase

But how could I connect it with my phone now ?

the error message:

status: ‘error’,
message: ‘Unable to retrieve the FCM server key for the recipient's app. Make sure you have provided a server key as directed by the Expo FCM documentation.’,
details: { error: ‘InvalidCredentials’, fault: ‘developer’ } } ]

The string in app.json:

  "googleServicesFile": "./google-services.json",

Ок, I Forgot:

exp push:android:upload --api-key

After I got:

message: ‘Failed to authenticate with the FCM server. Ensure the FCM server key you uploaded is correct.’,

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Ok, solved it, wrong key with copy-paste, now works - ok

The second question why I dont hear vibration on iphone? Before I read, that I must intall SDK 28 for that …

I think the deal in notifications channels:


it’s funny to make chat on my own :slight_smile:

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But even this doesn’t make vibration in Android:

to: pushToken,
sound: ‘default’,
body: name,
android: {
channelId: ‘reminders’,
priority: ‘max’,
vibrate: [0, 250, 250, 250]

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