Push Notifications Crashing on Android Devices (Standalone App)

Hi Expo community,

Our team is facing an issue where our standalone app crashes on Android devices. We have tested our application across multiple devices (both iOS and Android), and many of our Android users are falling in one of three categories when a push notification is sent:

  1. Notification crashes System UI
  2. Notification crashes the standalone app
  3. Receives notification, but system significantly lags when user is pulling down the status bar to see the notification

In all of these scenarios, Expo returns an OK response ({"data":{"status":"ok"}}).

Our current code (which mirrors the Push Notifications guide from the documentation) works perfectly through the Expo app. We have tried upgrading Expo to the latest version (^20.0.0) and rebuilding, but even that does not seem to resolve our issue.

Any clue on what to do next?

App is on SDK version 20.0.0.

A bit of a late reply.

This sounds like it may be related to your push notification listener within the app.