Push notifications: Android Channels vs Categories, cross-platform actions?

I would like use actions on Push Notifications for things like “More Info” and “Snooze”. Old posts here and feature requests on Canny give the impression that this is not possible.

Can someone explain Notifications.createCategoryAsync(name: string, actions: ActionType[]) and whether or not this actually sets up interactions for Push Notifications?

The documentation says “A notification category defines a set of actions with which a user may respond to the incoming notification. You can read more about it here (for iOS)and here (for Android).”

Skimming the code adding that method, I notice that “‘createCategoryAsync(…) has no effect on Android’”.

If createCategoryAsync does what we need, how do “Categories” work with the Android “Channels” (aka “Categories”) created with Notifications.createChannelAndroidAsync(id, channel), which are required in Android 8+?

Or maybe we’re supposed to use Categories for iOS and Channels for Android?


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