Push Notification to All Devices without using token

Hello everyone.
First post in expo forum.
I really like expo and has been using it since a long time.

I just wanted to ask whether we can send the push notification to all the devices without a token.
I am making an app without a backend or server which completely depends on my website. So, I don’t have any place to store the push tokens. I wanted to send push notifications to all the devices where it is installed when we add some new content in the website. So, can we do that without storing the token of all the devices?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think it is possible to send a push notification to a device if you do not have the push token.
You could always have the app check for new content when the user opens it :sweat_smile:
Have you considered implementing FCM through Firebase? You could also build a push notification campaign through Firebase!