Push Notification on Android don't show banner on lock screen

Hi, i’ve enabled push notifications, work fine in iOS but with Android the notification don’t appeart on lock screen, is visible only into Notifcation tab, if i don’t swipe the screen for open Notification/shortcut screen I can’t see the notification… how can fix it?

Hey @mgiorgi, what device, OS version, etc is this occurring on? Also, is this happening on multiple android devices?


Hi @adamjnav i’ve tried with Huawey P8 Lite with Android 6.0 and Expo 40

I’ve set “permissions”: [] in app.json in order to exclude default Expo permission if not used… but if i want request only permission for push notification i’ve to add “NOTIFICATIONS” permission to permissions array? Or I’ve to set “useNextNotificationsApi”: true?
On iOS all work fine…

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