push notification MismatchSenderId error with android

Hi, I am trying the expo push notification and keep showing the “MismatchSenderId” error when sending the push event to the android device token. (IOS is fine)

I am double check the google-services.json “project_number” is the same as the firebase sender ID
and the expo credentials token is the same as the firebase server key. I also check the firebase API key in the google cloud platform console is the same as the google-services.json api_key.

My testing build is using “eas build --profile production --platform android”

Is anyone know what I am missing? because I am always shown “MismatchSenderId” error…

In my case, I need to manually update my FCM server key in Expo Dev ( https://expo.dev/ ) under Project → Configure Credentials → Android App → Service Credentials → FCM Server Key.

Using expo push:android:upload --api-key or expo credentials:manager does not upload the updated key to the expo server. I used expo-cli@5.4.4.

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Thanks. you are right. After I manually update the server key. It was successful to receive the push notification…

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