Push notification logs

Is there a way to read “Push notification logs” being sent over the expo service?

By log I mean a list of notifications with delivery status.

We don’t currently record these, unfortunately. I would recommend storing this in your application’s database if you need to refer to past deliveries. This may change in the future, but we don’t have anything to announce right now.

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@dikaiosune thank you very much for your response, in that regard I would like to offer my assistance in building the feature. If the offer is interesting we can continue this conversation via DM.

Thanks again.

A feature like this has several touch points (server code, which isn’t open source; the database; the cache) and this feature isn’t a good candidate for open source contributions. We may think about a model in which you can query whether Apple/Google acknowledged receipt of the push notification but (a) we’d likely store only an ID for each notification and its delivery status (notably, not the contents of the message for reasons related to trust and privacy) and (b) keep the delivery status for a limited period of time (e.g. a couple of weeks). We aren’t actively working on this, though, so please set your plans/schedules not to rely on this.

The easiest and fastest path forward for you likely is to build your own service that sends notifications to Expo and stores the delivery receipts (which are part of the response).

Thanks for all the info

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