Push notification limit

Hi, after reading through a recent blog indicating changes coming to push notifications and my main two questions are…

  1. What is the push limit?
  2. Does the limit apply to our app only or everyone sending pushes through the Expo API?
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Expo does not enforce a limit on push notifications, though the system naturally has a some max capacity (not hardcoded anywhere) so be sure to spread out the load. The Node SDK does this for you by default.


I reached out a couple weeks ago regarding push notifications and had another question or two to follow up on. In your last email you said the system has “some max capacity (not hardcoded anywhere) so be sure to spread out the load.” Our pushes work great for most of every day and some days we don’t experience a problem. However on most days of the week we experience a window anywhere from 1-3 hours where no pushes seem to be deliveried. We send a good amount of pushes each day, anywhere from 50-300, and from our end we see nothing different in terms of a push being succusesful or unsuccessful. I mentioned previously that we read online that there were changes taking place on expo and wanted to know if those changes had any effects on push notifications being delivered properly. Our primary developer has been unable to notice anything different as most pushes are working properly. I wanted to see if y’all had any advice on your end as to what we could be experiencing and how to figure out if a push went out successfully or if it did not. If needed I can connect you directly to our lead developer as he is much more understanding of this world than I am.

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Are you asynchronously checking the push receipts, say, 30 minutes later? The receipts will tell you if Apple acknowledged receipt of each notification (assuming iOS here), and if there’s no receipt it means Expo hasn’t processed the notification yet. I suggested 30 minutes because that is a sufficiently long time for Expo to process the notification, so a missing receipt would indicate some error.

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