Push notification is working in Expo client, but not when APK is generated

Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android and iOS

I have an application in which I’m making use of Expo push notification. When I ran the application in Expo client then I’m able to receive the push notifications however when I build a .apk for my android device then I’m getting error as FCM configuration is not valid. I have re-confirmed the FCM configuration and can see the API key registered when fired command expo push:android:show

I have created a web project in the firebase.

Please help me with detailed follow and how to configure the firebase, if something I have performed is incorrect.

Hey @gadeviv,

Can you share the exact error you are getting? Also, can you double check to make sure you linked the FCM credentials for the appropriate project. I’ve seen others accidentally connect the wrong Google project.


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