push-notification have not been sent since yesterday from our server

I am operating an app which uses expo. Until yesterday, push-notification had been correctly sent. But from yesterday, it have not been sent.

I am assuming that this is Expo Push-Notification Server problem(because we are not changing server-side code recently)

Q1. Did Expo Push-Notification server down yesterday?
Q2. Where can I see whether if Expo Push-Notification server is running? (like Service Status β€” Standalone Builds β€” Expo)

Hey @kangyoosam,

As far as I can tell, we had no server degradation or downtime. Can you let me know how you are sending the notifications?

As for checking the status of push notifs and our other services, you can check here: https://status.expo.io/ specifically the Push Notification Broker.


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We are sending notification by posting request to https://exp.host/--/api/v2/push/send with payload.
It is working now (since yesterday) so I am little confusing. (I am not sure what was the problem :cry: )

But thank you for telling me that there was no server downtime, and about https://status.expo.io !

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Interesting. Glad things are working but very curious as to why they weren’t. Either way, happy to be of some assistance!

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