Push notification failure

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 36
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): all

Hi guys and thanks for providing expo to the RN community. I am unfortunately one of the unlucky one that realized after the whole development of the 1st expo app that expo was not filling my use case.

Notifications are central in our application, we realized that the expo push notifications system was not working if the app is not open (foreground or background)

My questions are:

  1. How can notifications be useful if they requires to have the application open?
  2. Why do expo not warn people about this on the section “when not to use expo?”, I think this will impact our reputation and we will lose also lose a valuable customer
  3. Will this be resolved in expo in a very soon futur?
  4. Is there known workarounds (we have not ejected yet)?
  5. can expo work with the web?

Hey @kopvx,

Notifications certainly are expected to be delivered/work even if the application is not open. You put platforms: all above, does that mean you are not getting notifications on Android or iOS?


Hi @adamjnav and thanks for the quyick reply. What do you exactly mean by application is not open ?

Does the process needs to run in background?

I put platform all, because I also need to send notification to the web, I tried to generate a vapid but it seems that the feature is not yet supported by expo. Can I implement the web part on my end without expo? I am too early in the development to say what really work and what doesn’t but according to the documentation, forums, it seems that notifications depends on expo running.

EXPO_DEBUG=true expo push:web:generate --vapid-subject myapp
Reading project configuration...
Logging in...
Generating and setting VAPID keys on Expo's servers...
Request failed with status code 404

The app does not need to be running for push notifications to be delivered. To clarify on platforms, can you just elaborate on which platforms it is or is not working?

There are two kind of push notification:

  • iOS/Android push notifications => Off topic
  • Web Push => Unsupported by expo (and no status on it’s futur in expo)

it seems that Expo Team have removed the Web Push support (I checked on GitHub). I don’t understand why at any point since there are many working examples on the web. This issue is just an example of an old command removed in later expo version.

I am now trying to implement it on my end but the expo-service-worker.js is not served correctly when accessing the PWA at localhost, it work fin when I use the local ip but the web push permissions fail due to unsecure origin.

  1. Why did expo removed the web push when it’s clearly possible to support both web push and notification as they have the same capability (registration/unregistration/notification when the app is not running)?
  2. How can I fix the expo-service-worker.js (Related issue: Expo: How to fix web push notification in development when accessing throw localhost (and how to fix the `localhost` service worker)?)
  3. Will expo re-add web push support in the futur?

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