Push doubts about icon and encoding

1- I’m trying to display a message like “OLÁ”, but instead of “Á” it shows me �, for all those characters that have ´` ~ ^ [SOLVED THIS, IS MY COMPUTER]
2- When i publish my app, and try it by the expo, the notification shows the icon i’ve setted on app.json
BUT, when i generate the apk, it shows me just an white square, without the image.
Anybody can guide me ?
The documentation of expo is wrong about the Icon, it must be a totally white icon, with transparent background, not in greyscale as is said on the documentation here:

Local path or remote url to an image to use as the icon for push notifications. 48x48 png grayscale with transparency.

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Hey @lucasfls - we will most likely need to update the documentation! I’ll let the team know thanks :slight_smile:

See notes on Android Status Bar Icons

Status bar icons are composed simply of white pixels on a transparent backdrop, with alpha blending used for smooth edges and internal texture where appropriate.
Icons are square icon contents should fill the available space, although a small amount of internal padding can help maintain balance across status bar icons. See Size and format below for details.


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