publishing un-detached app after detaching

We have an app that was previously detached and subsequently published to the Apple App Store. As it turns out, the feature we needed to detach for (background geolocation) is not necessary and we’d like to run our builds through expo-cli so we don’t have to maintain our XCode build environment.

My primary concern is making sure that the app we build through expo-cli will be recognized as the same app we previously built in XCode. Since we did it all manually previously, we already have a distribution certificate and provisioning profile set up.

My first thought was to export the distribution certificate as a p12 file and use that with expo-cli, but when I do so, expo-cli is throwing an error about “Multiple profiles found” (I assume provisioning profiles). I don’t see multiple provisioning profiles for this app in my Apple Developer account.

Is it safe to delete this provisioning profile and let expo create everything but the distribution certificate, or am I barking up the wrong tree entirely?

I have this icloud similar question that i need answers of otherwise i gimp cant take a final decision for something thats very important to me.


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