Publishing to the stores, Expo OTA Updates and Expo Google Sign In

  1. SDK Version: 42
  2. Platforms: Android and iOS

Hello guys, this is my first application using Expo and the documents have been great and helpful in everything except when I came to the point of launching the application to the stores, I faced these problems or confusions:

  1. Application building and submitting

I couldn’t build the app using EAS Build cause of a gradle error that I couldn’t figure out, so I built the application using expo build then I downloaded the .ABB version and uploaded it into Play Console and successfully created my first internal testing app but I couldn’t figure out how to use Expo OTA updates, since Expo had nothing to do with the application in the store, the documents and some Youtube videos just say that I should use “Expo Publish” and the update will be out to the users, but I don’t understand how? Does “Expo Publish” just publish the update to Expo and then I should download the .ABB file again and create a new release in Google?

I saw some GitHub post talking about Android’s first submission, and it showed how to give Expo API access to my Play Console so Expo can publish the updates and all, and then use Expo Upload to publish the updates

And, can I use EAS after I build the app using Expo Build and not EAS Build?

As you can tell, I’m pretty confused about the whole submitting to the store and updating it with expo thing… Can someone please clarify everything basically? Because I don’t understand the documents about this topic.

  1. Google Sign In

So I used the “expo-google-app-auth” package in development mode to log in my users using their Google accounts, which worked perfectly fine, but when I submitted the application for internal testing, the “Continue with Google” button stopped working, it doesn’t do anything anymore even though I updated the SHA-1 Certificate to the one in my application, I was so confused.

Then I found out that this package is deprecated in favor of AuthSession, I read the AuthSession docs and understood what it does to some point, but am I required to use it instead of “expo-google-app-auth” in production? If so, can someone help me migrate?

My current google sign in function now is (using “expo-google-app-auth”):

try {
const googleRes = await Google.logInAsync({
iosClientId : Environment.IOS_CLIENT_ID,
androidClientId : Environment.ANDROID_CLIENT_ID

I’m sorry if I got some things wrong, I’m just confused right now.
Thank you very much in advance❤️ any help is appreciated

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