Publishing to release channel ends up publising to live

Second time this happened…I use this command

exp publish --release-channel staging

and it publishes to the default channel…something is wrong here since obviously I cannot use release channels anymore. Attached is my output and the history

Am I doing something wrong?

That looks correct to me. Any chance your live experience was built for the ‘staging’ channel? Does publishing to a different channel also update the same build?

Thanks…all I’m doing is testing out some changes to the staging channel - I didn’t want this to go live until we’ve tested it. I haven’t tried using a different word for our staging channel - but in principle that shouldn’t matter I think.

What should be happening is whenever you run publish, that version of the code will go out to builds that use the same version and release channel (unless you’ve disabled that behaviour) If you publish to a different channel and the same built app is receiving the update we’ll have a better understanding of what is happening

got it…my app is a standalone version, there is nothing in app.json or elsewhere that tells the app to look for the staging version. I can try sending to a different channel to see if it keeps happening.

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Update to this.

  1. I tried publishing to a different channel (not default) and it didn’t get sent to my users (which is what I wanted)
  2. Today I published to my users like this: exp publish, and my users didn’t get an update
  3. I then published to the ‘staging’ channel that gave me problems above, and all my users then got the update.

I have no idea why this is happening. Is there a setting in app.json that I’m missing?

at long last I figured out the problem…I found the last .ipa file I sent to the app store in May. I changed the .ipa to .zip, unzipped the file and then showed the contents of the app…there in the manifest was releaseChannel=‘staging’. I had no idea that I did this, but at least I now know not to do this again.

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