Publishing only in one platform??

Hi guys, i wanna ask you if it is possible to publish just for one platform, every time i did expo build:android it push the new version to iOS too…

And there is some command for change the default branch if the app is alredy on the App Store and Play Store?

you can do expo build:android --no-publish so it will just use the most recently published version, or use a different release channel for each platform but that will require uploading a new binary to switch the channels - read more about channels here

if i will do expo build:android --no-publish it will work the OTA updates?

Yes, assuming you have configured OTA updates to work. --no-publish just means to use the last version of the code you published (which might be different than the current state of your project) for your build.

If you want to release to each platform independently, you’ll want to move to using different release channels by platform.

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