Publishing expo project to a different expo account


Yes, I can see there are similar questions like this, but I don’t mean transferring a project to a different Apple store or play store client, only a different expo client.

When I started the first app, I followed a tutorial when it was said to do expo register and from now on, whenever I do expo publish or expo build... from the given directory, it does the job on this account I first registered.

But I would like now to make a single one project for a completely different account. Not all of them, so I don’t want to “change my username” (which is also another question on the forum), but specific ones.

How can I do that? I tried googling ‘expo one project per specific account’ but it didn’t work too well :slight_smile:

The “client” is a developer as well, he just wants to be an admin of the project on the expo service, i.e. be the one who owns it.

When you publish or build it’s not using account you first registered in, but the one that you are currently logged in(you can check it with expo w). If you wan’t to publish under different account just run expo logout then expo login or register after different username and expo publish or build or whatever you need. For the new account you will need to setup android and ios credentials again.


Ah, wow, thank you!!! I feel a bit stupid now :slight_smile:

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