Publishing Expo App - Need a fast response!

Hi there,

I am currently publishing an App I made with Expo.
I pressed the publish button now in the bottom right of my Expo Developer Tools I see:


But there is no indicator on how long it will take or takes. It runs for about 2 hours now.
What happends when I close this? How long will it take ? I read something like 1 hour and my app isnt big!!

It is going on for 3 Hours now and there is no change … the info is the same and thats the only one that indicates that it is actually doing the publishing :confused:

I will have to shutdown the process because I am on my working pc right now, I will restart the process tomorrow I hope that someone can provide me some feedback on why it takes so long … like 4+ hours for a small app - doesnt make sense to me.


Try it from the terminal to possibly get more info (I’m not sure if you will get more info, but I’ve pushed from the terminal many times and never from the browser, so I am unfamiliar with what feedback you get from within the browser). It should definitely not take that long.

A build can take quite long because this depends on how many other people are trying to build at the time, but publishing is just a matter of packaging your JavaScript, images, etc. and uploading it to Expo’s servers.

To do this from the terminal, run expo publish. (You can optionally specify a release channel etc. See expo publish --help for other options.)

I will try it defo looks better because there is actually some visuall feedback - ty for now !

So it build in like 1 minut wich is great. But in my Expo I cant see existing builds why is that (=> found it in projects) ?

Also can I now view the app whenever I want in expo? or does my PC or something needs to be online?

Your app is published to the Expo servers, so your PC doesn’t need to be online to run it in the Expo app.

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