Publishing and SDK versions

We use ExpoKit for an enterprise app (not distributed via Google Play, etc.) Right now our devices are using the 32.0.0 SDK and over-the-air JS updates work great. I understand that when we update our code to the 34.0.0 SDK, we’ll need to download new APK’s to the devices.

However, suppose some of the 32.0.0 devices don’t get the new APK. Later, when we ‘expo publish’ will the new JS go only to the devices on 34.0.0, or will the devices on 32.0.0 get the updated JS as well — presumably breaking them?


Hey @elon-gs,

OTA updates will only rollout to a user who is running an instance of your app with a compatible SDK version and is on the same release channel.

See this flow chart for a better understanding:



Awesome. Thank you @adamjnav!

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You’re most welcome!

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