Published projects not shareable outside LAN

Hi Expo,

In the past (around last month), when I published my project (locally), it would have a QR code on the project website & my friends were able to open it as long as they had the Expo app installed on their mobile.

(E.g. Expo)

However, today, I noticed when I publish the project (locally), the QR no longer appears and my friends were not be able to open the project outside my LAN.

Has something changed recently? Is this a restriction due to being a free user?


  • sdkVersion: 41.0.1 (I tried both 40.x.x and 41.x.x)
  • I checked we all have the latest expo app from the play-store/app-store.
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recently i m facing the same problem ! did you find out why ?

no, still waiting for expo members to help answer

you can add the ?releaseChannel=default query param to the url to add the qr code back, for example

we’ll add it back to the default page too. an oversight on our part!


thanks, this worked outside LAN

Thanks , it’s working fine

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