published project does not load

I published an expo app but I’m not able to load the project on any device with Expo Go.
It just gets stuck at “Checking for new update…” or “New updates available, downloading…” screen.

Works fine via tunnel / LAN connection.

SDK version is 44 and expo-cli version 5.2.0

Tried deleting expo go app, republishing, using different devices, ios and android.

Any help will be greatly appreciated as showing the app to the customer only on tunnel is very inefficient.

Thank you!

Hey @ksi9302, how are you going about loading the experience?

Hi Adam,

No luck yet, do you have any suggestion? Maybe I’ll make a fresh dummy project and try.

To anyone wondering…
The issue was calling development variable from Constants outside of __DEV__block.
It’s just one of those mistakes hard to figure without proper debugging tool set up for your production build…

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