Published app disappears when XDE closes

I published an app with XDE, and EXPO can find the app as long as I have XDE running. But if I close XDE, EXPO can no longer see the published app. (I know EXPO cannot see the unpublished version since the local server has shutdown).

Have you opened the published version of your project in the Expo client?

Both me and my business partner could load the published version (which I got from the Share QR) as long as the program was running. Or is there some other link to the published version?

To add more details, I did a Publish, and that seemed to work just fine. I then clicked on Share, and it brought up a QR, and it also gave me a url. I sent the URL to my coworker, he put it into Expo, and could run the app. I also put that into my Expo (along with a direct connection to the server on my computer), so I have two versions in my Expo. However, when I shut down my computer, he can no longer access the app. My suspicion is that the url that I was given was in fact a url that would tunnel back to my computer. Since my computer was down, he couldn’t run the app. I thought Publish would push a version on-line some place, then give me a URL to that, so that I have a persistent version of the app. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Thanks.

I believe the QR code is for your development version, which explains why it disappeared after you shut down your computer. You can browse your published projects (and their QR codes) on from your profile. Try looking there and loading your project.

Thanks, that worked! I see now when I publish it prints a different url in the display, which is the correct URL to use.